Shady Title Companies

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I think BP should also be a forum for protecting each other from shady people and companies. One such company we just finished dealing with is Title Clearing & Escrow, LLC ( Their website says "Treating Customers Exceptionally", which might be the case sometimes but in our case they represented the seller. As such they considered it appropriate to lie to us about the seller paying for termite treatment. They made a promise to send the money and as soon as they had their money that promise disappeared. Regardless of which side of the sale one is on your word should be good. Not so for these people. All of BP should avoid them like the plague!

I could not agree more. 

It has been more than 2.5 months since I purchased a house. They didn't let me know there was a deed issue, I found out on my own that it wasn't recorded yet. They figured out it was "lost" and now have been stalling for a month. 

What state?  Texas has a lot less rules.

In OR, all the title companies are under the state insurance commissioner.  The only issue I ran into was funding being frozen in 2009.

Ideally, a title company should be a dis-interested and neutral party and honest (to the extent they can) with ALL parties.  They can only do what all parties agree to.