Realtor refused to show their property

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Can a realtor refuse to show a property? Is there a legal or ethical issue here?

My boyfriend was looking for apartment rent so he asked to see a property, but they just showed him model unit

Next day, he made a contract with them and asked again to see the unit that he will live, but they refused to show the unit because someone is living. so he just waited until no one live there and asked them to see the unit before he move, but they refused again because they have to fix something. 

and 3 days before his moving date, they called him and said they have to delay the moving date because they didn’t finish fixing. and they moved the date twice

we planned to buy furniture after original move in date but we can’t move that schedule further so we just tried go buy furniture the day before move in date anyway, so we asked them to see the unit to estimate furniture size and etc. but even if it was one day before the move in date, they still refused to show the unit.

So he just moved in two days ago without seeing the unit before, but his unit was horrible. they said they fixed something, but carpet looked like not finished and the unit was not clean like model unit. Also, the model unit had built-in air conditioner but his unit had big stupid air conditioner. so everything was different than the model unit.

and today he said that there was a homeless sleeping at the hallway on his floor

so they refused to show him the unit that he already made contract and no one is living, but the unit condition was terrible unlike model unit. is this legal?

why did he agree to it if he hadn't seen the place? 

And once he saw the place, why did he sign the lease? 

If he took the keys, and signed the lease, it's legal. 

It's probably not good way to do business, but sounds like he had ample opportunities to say NO 

if he hasn't signed anything then he can probably still leave. 

if due diligence is important to you, then do it.