Rent or sell primary house

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My wife and I are wanting move to be closer to work. We currently have a Single family house that we would like to rent. The only problem is average rent is about 200 less than our mortgage. The market to sell however is very good. looking to sell it for 30k+ than what we bought it for a year ago.

We want to keep it and rent but the numbers don't really cash flow. Is this a clear enough sign to sell or has someone else been in a similar situation?

@Brandon Michael Van Allen given my (very) limited experience, it seems like you could sell, then use the profit for a down payment on a property that actually cash flows well. I'm sure a part of you is emotionally attached to the property because it used to be your home, but you aren't keeping it as a home. When looking at investments, you should think of it as "buying or selling cash-flows" not buying or selling your home