Hello BiggerPockets,

My name is Zachary Jensen and I am 20 years old with a career in software engineering. I want to start investing and BRRRR is by far the most interesting to me. I work out of California ( as most engineers do ) and would like to BRRRR out of state. All these levels of complexity are intimidating, and I don't want to screw up and blow year's work of savings on my first deal. I came up with the idea of financing a BRRRR deal, in exchange for knowledge and taking no interest. Is this something you would recommend doing? How does one find a good BRRRR investor that is willing to talk to me and find value from my offering? I'm concerned that all the good BRRRR investors don't need my money, and the newer ones or struggling ones want it badly. I would like to find a potential partner to do BRRRR deals with, tho I want to put in sweat equity and am worried that since I am new I will get taken advantage of by a more experienced investor as my sweat equity isn't worth much currently. What do you think of my strategies and are there any problems with it or am I just paranoid.

Thank you,