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Hi Everton

Hi Marysa,

Welcome to BP, I’m a fellow real estate investor from the beautiful city of Montreal. My specialty is flipping, if you have any questions let me know.

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Hi everyone,

It's nice to see more people from Montreal area here.

I'm a beginner at Real State Investment from Boucherville looking to purchase my first rental property. By chance, does anyone here know some good mortgage broker to refer?

Thank you so much!

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Hi fellow Montrealer's,

I am an investor from Montreal have been investing in Mortgage notes in the U.S for the past 3 years looking to start acquiring properties in Canada. Would love to connect with all of you.

@Alexandra Hollenbeck notes are a great away to diversify your portfolio. When you’re able to work out the notes with the borrower and get them re-performing again it then becomes “mailbox money”. This is a way to own real estate without the head aches of leaky toilets or middle of the night calls from tenants. Never the less it does require time, energy and knowledge to turn a profit from these types of investments.

@Everton Salmon you would start by learning about mortgage notes and what they are and how they can be great investments. Then you would seek out investors who can help teach you the business and then look to purchase your first note once you understand how to invest in notes properly. There is a ton of information right here on BP about notes.