I've got lists of properties I suspect may be gold. Now what?

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I'm an uber driver as well as a full time express tech at Subaru. When I'm out and about at night and on my hours off, I like to jot down addresses of houses I feel may be of interest to people with investment capital. 

What do I do with these places? How can I find out if they're worth sharing with investors? 

How do I find people who may be interested in these properties I'm finding?

Thank you in advance for your time and responses. I wish you all a great week.

You need to determine if the properties are viable investments.  I'm assuming you haven't done this before so it may turn out that some of the criteria you thought were good indicators actually aren't and some things you thought didn't matter actually do.  I'd go to a local RE investment meetup and see if there is an appetite for wholesalers if so you can go about contacting owners of the properties you've found.