question on steam heating system

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actually this question deals more with radiators. 2 family home with 6 room apt over 4 room apt.

The 6 room apt. does not have radiators in the kitchen or dining room. I can't fathom why this would be?? It is not an open floor plan either. Clearly individual rooms seperated by walls.

Could radiators from ajacent rooms adequately provide enough heat for rooms that do not contain radiators??

Have you guys ever come across this before? Heating system is gas fired steam heating system.

this is a great property but this radiator configuration is making me wonder. This is an estate sale and house has been vacant for awhile.


Hi Chris,

I have a similar system in a property up in Vermont. If the existing radiators can't provide enough heat to the adjacent rooms, it's fairly easy to run pipes and put in standard baseboard heaters in those rooms instead. That's what I've been doing on my place, and in fact I'm replacing some of the old radiators too. The only downside I've come across is that it's slightly tricky to control the heat in a particular zone as it's now a mix of radiators and baseboard heaters. Eventually I plan to replace all of the old radiators room by room as my budget permits.

That said, with your existing property in question, get it inspected so you can know if there truly may be issues or not.

- Tom

The radiators can be used in the other room off the same system most radiator systems or on a loop system were the hot is heated up on the boiler and water enter one end and goes out the other while heating the radiator in the pipes. YOu may also want to have it zoned off to make sure you can control the new radiators. You should have no problem we do it all the time . Most of the time you will find a older plumber who will do the work because the new system are different.If you are not sure I would call a plumber to take a look at the system to save you time and money like always do your home work .

Thx guys! Tom and Amhed, this is a steam system not a hot water system, can you still add baseboard to a steam system? I am not sure if this is a single or double pipe steam system though.

Either way I guess if I can get steam baseboard piped in this could do the trick?