Anyone heard of realpro?

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Has anyone done business with "realpro"? I'm interested in a property they have, but not sure if they're on the up and up. I receive daily emails from them. It seems like they're wholesalers on some deals and others seem to be listed. You can never be too sure these days, so I thought I would put it out to all of you. I appreciate any response if you have any experience and/or knowledge of this company.

@Diane Calderaro I did not complete any transaction with them before but I did reach out to one of their agents to inquire several properties that they listed.  The agent did not seem pushy at all, just answered my questions directly, and never tried to contact me non-solicited.  If you found any interesting listing on their website, you just need to register for a free account and ask your questions away.

Hi Diane - I'm looking at a few properties listed by RealPro as well. Any additional thoughts/insights you have on this company would be greatly appreciated. So far the individuals I've dealt with have been very helpful and forthcoming, but they're requiring me to sign a confidentiality non-circumvention disclosure agreement for one of the properties I'd like more information on. Not sure how to feel about this.


I haven't received any replies from people that have used them. Just from people who have heard of them. I would not be concerned about signing a confidentiality non-circumvent disclosure. They're just trying to protect themselves to make sure they get paid their commission. However, I am also a Realtor and would say that if you have a Realtor that you know in the area of the property, ask him/her to see if it's listed. If so, maybe you can get some representation from the Realtor. I have noticed that some of their properties are listed.

@Diane Calderaro hi I was wondering the same thing about real pro , I’ve been following them for the past 2 years the only thing that is throwing me off is the properties listed have all been on there for the past 2 years , so that was kinda suspect. I was hoping to hear someone that had done business with them 

they have some properties looks really good number wise and also like how most of their properties are investment oriented and cashflow focused, but the major suspect is they are telling me none of their properties won't be shown until and offer is accepted and inspection done! really ? What makes even stink more is their escrow terms kinda tricky you have to say no before "inspection period ends". She just explained to me if you say no literally next day your escrow money 10% (which is also a ridiculous number) is GONE. I guess even if its not gone gone, are you ready to fight against their in house pet lawyers? What if their inspector is super lazy sending the report or takes more time probably would be their people I guess. Who buys properties like that? Am I thinking too crazy ?Any idea? Anyone has actually seen any of their properties before making offer or actually purchased from them?

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