Opportunity zones question

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@James Fraundorf - yes there are several good threads and articles already out there on this.  

QOFs offer a lot of great advantages to investors, especially if you are already familiar with and investing in the area.   @Neal Bawa has produced some great content on this subject and attached is one of his decks: https://multifamilyu.com/wp-content/uploads/V6-Opportunity-Zone-Webinar.pdf

I wrote a BP blog around my first Opportunity Zone investment in Chicago and the necessary steps to get to closing if interested in seeing how a smaller invester like myself took advantage of the incentives: https://www.biggerpockets.com/member-blogs/12409/86947-my-first-opportunity-zone-experience-and-how-others-can-do-the-same

Originally posted by @James Fraundorf :

Anyone have any insights on Opportunity Zones?? I just heard about them. It seems like a newer government initiative. Thoughts? Good investment opportunity ? Thanks!

2 key points worth noting up front -

You need to have capital gains to defer/ get any advantages 

You need to buy by Dec 26 to receive the full 15% step up in basis