Kansas city new tenant bill

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Just got this from my PM in Kansas City:

Over the last few weeks we have been watching the news regarding the newly proposed Tenant Bill of Rights. This started as a small grass roots movement that has quickly escalated and now has the support of Kansas City's new Mayor, Quinten Lucas, as well as the majority of the City Council.
If this proposal is allowed to continue as proposed you will no longer be able to take the following information into consideration when screening tenants.

  • Source of Income
  • No criminal background checks
  • No credit checks
  • Can not take previous eviction history into consideration
  • Must work with Section 8, Housing Voucher Programs

In additional to these restrictions, we would also see the creation of a fourth city bureaucracy to oversee rental properties (in addition to codes department, Healthy Homes, and Human Relations/Fair Housing)

What do you guys think? Looks like the nice rental wave is over in Kansas City

@Yu Chen too early to state that. Check back in tomorrow around 9 PM Central.  A lot of people have come together to show the city how this bill will truly affect things.  But if it passes...

Hey @Yu Chen , I think it'll cause a lot of issues if the bill gets passed but at the same time it will create a lot opportunities.  Especially for those who are willing to fight it, think outside of the box and do things a bit more creatively.  I had a good conversation with a mentor a few days ago about this and he wasn't the least bit concerned or afraid.  He's been investing in the Kansas City market for the last 29 years and informed me of how things used to be...  Back in the day there was no credit check or background check that you could click a button on the internet to submit and get a potential tenant's information.  I believe it forced him and his fellow investor-colleagues to get more pro active, to do things a bit differently, to move quicker when evicting or doing maintenance/repairs and to do more creative financing types of deals.  It'll do the same thing and more here in the present day as well.  :)