Real Estate Broker/Agent License Verification

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I'm listing a house for sale in the Chicago area.  I will personally schedule the showings with the buyer's agents.

What is everyone's strategy for verifying the buyer's agent is who they say they are before giving the lock box code?

we have a agent id number that they can text to you and then you can verify before giving out the code ---I am sure your MLS has a similar process---

@Jason Jason I flat fee lost all of our rehabs/wholetail and I will have them send a picture of their business card with their license number on it and state the time they will be going before I give the code to them. Have not had any issues yet and they can only access my number for showing because it only has it on the MLS so another safety filter as well.

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@Steven Picker, Thank you. Is the verification site typically an MLS service or state government. As best as I can tell, it looks like licenses and verification is handled by the state government here in Illinois.

@Mike Flora , you read me like a book, that's exactly what I'm trying...  I like your idea of requesting a business card.

The MLS assigns an unique number to establish your identity. Business card will be also be fine The state only issues a license number which anyone can look up..


@Jason Jason You can go the agent ID route but you will need access to MLS to verify. You can have an agent send you a picture of their ID and business card along with the agent ID.

@Jason Barrett You might also consider getting the electronic lockbox that the local association of realtors uses. These lockboxes are only able to be accessed by agents who have an app on their phone, so they are very secure. In addition, some lockbox brands (Supra) can be setup so you receive an email with the contact info of any agent that opens the box.

I think the pitfalls of the combo box is that they are easy to pick and once the code has been given out to more than one person, you kind of lose control.

I'd recommend talking to the agent who is listing you on the local MLS to see if they can rent you a box.