Building in Flood Zone Questions

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Questions below

  1. Approx how much extra does flood insurance run?
  2. In terms of building on the land (I'm an engineer) I'm wondering if there are major hurdles I should be aware of OTHER Than the increased costs of building - more related to regulatory, financing, and other risks.  I'm confident I can design what we need to withstand a flood (even large flood) from a construction perspective.  I'll need to run the numbers on that but I'm confident I can handle the design and engineering, and construct-ability.
  3. Is bringing in tons and tons of dirt from another location really an option for us?  I know most jurisdictions have regulations about removing dirt (have to submit a site runoff / remediation plan) , but I'd bet we could relocate dirt from way out in the country without any issues. 
  4. Does the FEMA map get redrawn every so often, if say we were able to do substantial site work to get our elevation to a point where we are no longer in the flood plain, to build?

For now, that's a good starting point for a discussion, I think.

Q4 and 5. Yes you can bring in fill and raise the ground to get it above BFE. This would require an elevation cert and a LOMR-F. The f is for fill which carries an additional FEMA fee along with approval from the local flood plain administrator. FEMA redraws the maps every so often and they release map amendments based on new drainage work or development. Map updating is usually supposed to start from the local flood plain admin level and be sent to FEMA but it takes a while.

insurnace costs vary based on replacement cost of the structure in consideration with the risk level of the location, history of flooding, ground and finished floor elevations relative to the BFE, type of flood zone, among other things.


@Clint Shelley

Hi Clint, thanks for the info.  Awesome stuff.  I've been digging into this a little more.  We will be looking a bit closer at the land tomorrow, but I have 'kind of' verified what you've communicated - at least enough to continue evaluating this land much more heavily.  I'm going to PM you, if that's ok, as it looks like you have a wealth of experience in this area which I do not.