Hey folks,

I recently changed brokerages. My new brokerage is partnered with a builder and I am very excited about the opportunities (possibly building a condo complex coming up in a year and more). At this brokerage I have quite a few perks when it comes to building new quads/duplex's which is exciting.

My question is this: What would the added benefits of building a new duplex/quadplex be? What would be the negatives?

For positives my thoughts are: Everything in the building is new w/ a warranty, marketability, complete control of what's in the building

For negatives: Holding costs on the construction loan, rents not hitting 1% rule (still cash flows), delays. (What am I missing?)

It feels to me that it is not strictly a cash flow move but also an appreciation move. I know we don't generally invest for appreciation. Thoughts? Comments? 

Thanks everyone!