Clarksville Tennessee Investors

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@Mike Flora I'm based in Hawaii but invest in Clarksville. What sort of information are you looking for? If it's easier, DM me and we'll get a conversation going.

@Carly Radzimanowski

Are you still buying in Clarksville? My wife and I just moved to Nashville, and were looking to buy our first rental property this year and were considering Clarksville.

How has the market been recently? Any insights you could share would be great.

Clarksville real estate has been fairly strong recently. Houses have good appreciation and rents are good as well. Flips and BRRRR's probably aren't as plentiful as one would believe though. The safest area to invest long term I would say is Sango area (37043) You'll get stronger rents and longer staying tenants along with a little better appreciation in that area. Exit 1 or St. B area (37040) is solid as well. Home prices are a tad lower yet rents are still good. Tenants will be a mix of military and locals, so you may have a military tenant PCS during their tenancy. 37042 has some investable parts in the Woodlawn area. I wish you the best. Nashville is an awesome city.

@Chris Barrett Welcome to Nashville! Yes, I am still buying in Clarksville. Just last week I had a new tenant sign a lease on one of my units. Things are, of course, slower due to the virus but still moving. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to visit Clarksville and check out my properties. 

@Carly Radzimanowski you are up to 6 now? Good times. It’s been a bit. I’ve got 4 there now and just started house hacking my primary residence in south Nashville. Looking for more deals out in Clarksville now. Especially with the event center approval. I could use a local bank lender referral if you know any.

@Chris Barrett the fear of turnover is pretty big especially when you know there’s nothing you can do about it with title 50 and SCRA Protections. A ray of light though on that.... I had a tenant get PCS orders in December and within 6 days after they left, the next tenants moved in. That’s in the slow season too. I believe in Clarksville.

I have been getting more rental and flip opportunities in the Clarksville area and looking to connect with others!  

@Brett Sayers I still have one side of a duplex under construction, but the other 5 doors are renovated and rented! House hacking is so smart; good work! I'm still loving Clarksville. It has seen tons of progress with lot of potential left! I'll message you my lender for my Clarksville projects. She is also a big believer in that area. 

I am an OOS investor and looking to expand into Clarksville. I am very early in the my research on the market and economics on local real investments. Obviously, Clarksville has gotten more expense over the past couple years. Is it still possible for find cash flowing properties in the B-/C+ range? Where would some of these areas be?

Hey everyone, I am looking at a multifamily property in Clarksville. Does anybody have a property manager recommendation?