Stage or not a empty house

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I'm selling a flip that is empty. Has anyone had success or indifference in staging a empty house ? 

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Depends on price point, but flips are the only time I'd consider staging, and do it professionally, there are some really bad listings out there with DIY staging.

@John Silva - Staging nearly always helps the home seller faster and for more money.  But it adds time and cost to the overall project.  Some markets are so hot that it's probably not necessary.  It's definitely necessary in mine.

Thank you Michael. I'm still struggling if I should especially the cost factor. It's a sellers market but it only been one week on the market. 



I’ve never staged one but I’m sure it could pay off on high end properties. They probably sell for more or quickly, but it’s only probably. Too fancy and you’re going to turn some people off, too basic and same thing. Too little it looks sparse, too much it looks crowded. You could make the same argument for staging a rental, it will rent faster, but will it justify the cost? Dunno. 

I staged a unit with quality used pieces. Good for the listing photos. Left if furnished for 3 months. Sold all the furniture for a 50% return. And somehow I got the best offer when it was empty. Now, I wait for the closing.

Thank you everyone, there are mix opinions. 

Aaron K.. This is a flip and the price point is in the middle for my city & area. Thanks for reinforcement of what to consider. 

Bill B.. I have had the same thoughts about too much furniture or too little but I have to use my best judgement and the house is small. Thanks again I'll keep your opinion on the front burner. 

Karen O.. I used a app to stage in the listing pictures. When the clients tour the place there's no furniture. I may get a offer without the staging but who knows. 

Being that it's nearing the holidays, winter is near in New England , 955 sq. ft house but 3 bedrooms I feel that making the home cozy and visibly what can be done will push that one buyer. At open house the potential customers stayed on average 20 mins for a small house. The staging company that I'm considering. Fee: 1/2 now and 1/2 at closing and staged for 3 months. House my size should be less than a $1k. Waiting for a on site consultation. 

Staging is a gamble, but one that normally pays off if the home is priced correctly.  Remember staging will do little to get more for a home but will help it sell faster if already priced right.  One recommendation I can make if you're on a budget is virtual staging for your photos you post online.  You can also print these photos out poster size and put them on easels around the home to help get peoples creative juices going.

I also forgot to mention these guys at the website below.  They gave a demonstration in our office a few months back and their furniture looks very good and extremely portable and easy to setup.

I think they said they maybe the only distributor in the US but defiantly in the Miami market at the time.  If you need their contact post again here and I'll dig it out for you.


I will visit the website and I did a virtual stage. The poster and easels is a good idea I also may use my personal computer to have a web show at the open house. 

Thanks again.  

@John Silva 

I would definitely stage. The first house I sold I didn't stage. It sat for a long time and sold for less than asking price in a hot market. About two months later, the house across the street priced similarly staged and sold immediately for above asking price. People are visual and need a little help with imagination from time to time.

You won't regret it.

Hello all, just a update about the staging. Before the consultation visit I received a full asking price. Hopefully, it goes well only in the p & s stage.