Multifamily Investing in Columbus Ohio

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Hi all!  I'm a new (but very serious) real estate investor living in Los Angeles.  Since my own market has a much higher price point, I've settled on locating 5-15 unit MFRs in Columbus, Ohio.  I'm relatively familiar with the Columbus area as I lived there for a few years, but I'd love the help of some boots-on-the-ground people who know the market well. 

So... any awesome realtors, local mortgage brokers, or property managers you'd recommend in the area?  I really want to develop some great partnerships with people I can count on.

Thanks in advance!

@Mike Alber  Welcome to investing! As for your post, it depends on what specifically you're looking for when it comes to your investment strategy/goals andareas you're looking it, etc. I have a lot of contacts in the market here and would be happy to help!

@Account Closed Thanks for the response!  Columbus has so many great spots, but I love the Clintonville, Short North, Old North, and Dublin areas... but that's definitely not a comprehensive list!  As far as strategy, I don't feel comfortable buying something that needs a lot of rehab.  Mostly I'm looking for low-unit MFRs that are fairly turnkey in B-neighborhoods (or maybe C+).  

Thanks - this post helps. 

I recently started looking and talking for a cudell area property (listed for about $75K) - EDEN tenant occupied. However I feel like I need to explore the city more to find a better area and better return.