Investor seeking realtor and rental mgt firm in San Antonio, TX

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I am an investor, planning to invest in rental property in San Antonio, TX and need help in finding a good local real estate agent and rental property management firm. Does anyone know a good realtor knowledgeable in investment property and a reliable property management firm? If so, please refer. 

Any advise regarding areas to target (or avoid) for rental property for an investment will be highly appreciated. I have heard of high crime rate in certain areas so I need some suggestions. 

I'm planning to visit San Antonio, TX on Dec 6-7 to see and select properties. 

Thanks, Ash 

Hey Ash. 

Our market is primarily single-family residences and the best bet is 3-4 bedrooms, 1400-2200 sq ft with rental rates between $.75-1.15/foot per month for rental rate. There are always outliers obviously and slam dunk deals do come up frequently, but tend to go with multiple offers.
Zip codes I recommend near military bases:
78218, 78109- Converse, has newer construction homes that tend to rent quickly but some of the lowest priced new homes in San Antonio. Near Randolph AFB and Fort Sam. Neighborhoods: Hanover Cove, Several near Randolph Blvd and 35, Windcrest area
78251, 78250- Alamo Ranch- has a lot of new construction but priced tend to be a little higher, this is where a lot of people who work near Lackland AFB or work at USAA, Frost, downtown tend to live. There are numerous neighborhoods here, great school systems, high demand
Taxes tend to have a big impact on profit here, so there are definitely advantages to being just outside the Bexar county limits, just needs to be a case by case.
78249, 78254, 78240 UTSA area also offers some great rental houses at decent return rates, but they will be older and likely need more initial capex or maintenance, college rentals get more monthly but are more seasonal and tend to be lived in harder. Neighborhoods: Hunters Creek, Regency Oaks, Tanglewood. I'd love to help with your investments in San Antonio! Let me know if you have any questions or need anything. Thanks. 

@Ash Geria  

It's nice to see that others are looking into SA. I'm originally from Hawaii and have decided to invest in Texas, particularly in SA. Currently, I am building my team and network in San Antonio (I have partially moved there to do this). Anyway, from my experience, I would say that the real estate agent team member has been the most difficult for me. In fact, I haven't found a solid reference so far to really lean on, who has an investor's mindset and eyes. So, I apologize, I can't help you there yet. 

For the property manager, I currently use Randy Morris at Morris Realty. I like him and his company. If you would like an introduction, just let me know. As for neighborhoods, I have personally know only a few areas pretty well; however, I plan to expand my neighborhood knowledge as time goes on. Anyway, if you want to chat about my experiences here in SA, give me a DM. Aloha and good luck.  


I'm an investor and currenctly working on getting my RE license. I should have it withing the next month. I live in San Antono and I own and self manage 8 units. Once I have my license I will gladly help you finding investment properties! Feel free to message me.