Out of state investments

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@Kevin Lee  

What are you investment goals, cash flow, appreciation, hybrid?

Start by defining this and it will help guide you on where to begin looking. 

Also, states are to broad to make meaningful a suggestion on where to invest. 

I suggest targeting a few cities, which you can select by looking at the relevant data.

Data sources such as the American Community Survey, also known as the annual Census, can help you judge a location by considering key market indicators, which I list below.

Some of the metrics that I find valuable to understand are:

- Population Total

- Population Age

- Home Values

- Household Incomes

- Rental Vacancy Rate

- Homeowner Vacancy Rate

- Poverty Rate

- Educational Attainment Rate (High School/GED & Bachelors)

- Number of Housing Unit

- Rent to Income Ratio

- Rent to Price Ratio

- Population on SNAPS (supplemental nutrition assistance program) percentage

- Property Tax Rate

- Median Age of Buildings

- Number of Structures by Units (SFR, Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex, etc...)

- Median Rents by Number of Bedrooms

- Unemployment Rate

- Employment Sectors Percentages

- Number of Building Permits Issued

- Foreclosure Rate

- School Ratings

- Crime Statistics

Also take into consideration the direction in which each of these market indicators are trending. This will better help you get an understanding of not just where market is today, but also where it may be heading.

Let me know if you have any further questions

Hope this helps!