Investing in Bakersfield CA

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Hello Everyone! My name is Paul and I’m new to Bigger Pockets. It is my goal to buy my first rental in 2020 (multi unit) and I am considering Bakersfield CA. I currently live in Southern California and am looking for an opportunity to invest somewhere in state for this first investment that won’t cost an arm and a leg. ANY advice or recommendations are welcomed because I am so new to the game but highly motivated to learn. Thanks!

Hi @Paul Kim ,  Bakersfield is one of the better choices for cashflow and job growth.  There is tons of information if you search the bigger pockets forums for "Bakersfield".  

@Paul Kim Bakersfield is definitely going to be one of the most affordable places to invest in CA right now.  Looking at the previous and projected growth, the area, IMO seems to be having a rennaisance and we are now starting to be realized as an actual city versus the 'armpit of CA'.  

Jobs have gone up significantly with many more slated to be brought to the area over the next few years, and our prices are attracting people from surrounding areas which is helping with the population growth as well.  

These are generally the characteristics that you want to look for when investing in an area, IMO.  

I'm actually looking to invest in Bakersfield also, specifically in house hacking.

@Sanjeev Advani could I connect with you to explore options in the area? I'm currently living in the city and hoping to transition to renting to owning a home in 2020. Thank you!