Finding first deal 19134

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Greetings to ALL,

I am a newbie and hungry to find my first deal here in Philadelphia. I have been following BP for quite some time and have been absorbing as much knowledge as I can. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the 19134? This is the neighborhood I grew up in and the surrounding areas have new developments. Would this be a good place to start? I am looking to flip or possibly rent out row home style properties.

I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you.

@Ralph Collins if you grew up in the neighborhood then I think no one can be more knowledgeable about the area other than you yourself. Don't take this as a sarcasm towards you. I think you just have to take the next step in filtering out the right deal for yourself. If you know the block is good IT IS GOOD or otherwise. 

Get your financing in place, connect with reliable contractors and know that as you grew up in the neighborhood you know it better than other OOS investors. 

Thanks for the response @Kunal Mishra . I am starting to aggressively save again after purchasing a pick up truck (my brother in-law and I plan on doing some of the work/renovations). In the meantime I’ll be attending some local meet ups to try and build my network. I’m extremely hungry and I want to take real action. I know my neighborhood is a good place to start because the costs of these properties are currently low but are rising. The area is not really the best but little by little they are building brand new homes right next to older ones and the neighborhood is transforming.

I’m going to take a realistic approach and have patience. Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!