Purchase Agreement: Standard or Custom?

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Hello. When contracting a seller is it better to use state specific purchase agreement or a custom one? I want to use the Purchase Agreement template from Indiana Association of Realtors, but it appears they want to discourage it's use by non-members. I have a few different examples and wondered if a hybrid of them would be better? I've heard of issues with seller's being leery of signing documents/contracts that didn't appear original. I have no problem doing my own, but wanted to inquire before I waste time.

Those contracts are owned by the Association of Realtors and are copyrighted forms, notice the Copyright IAR 2016 at the bottom of each page.  You would need to be licensed with that organization in order to legally use their forms.  There should be plenty of free contracts that are plenty good enough floating around, and if not you can always pay an attorney to give you one that will work.