Looking into Metal Roofing, Cost, Type, Install... Need input!

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Im going to be replacing a roof on a house here in NH. Looking into metal roofing. Im doing a farm house style remodel to fit the area. And like the look of the metal roof.

  Ive gotten a few prices for asphalt but would like to see the cost difference. its 50x30, and 3 different roof lines.

Just now starting to do my research. I see there's different materials, gauges, installation methods. Along with added ice shields, gutters...

Also those of you in the NE area if you know good, knowledgeable, reliable contractor that installs metal roofing please pass along their info.

Any input, experience would be great!




Sounds like a fun remodel! Metal certainly is a great choice for a new roof. I've owned a roofing company for 6 years. While we mainly do asphalt shingles, metal is the 2nd most common roof we install. In my opinion, the most important thing to consider in metal roofing systems is exposed fastener vs. hidden.

exposed fastener- Metal is actually screwed down to the roof deck through the face of the metal. The screws have rubber washers to seal to the metal and keep water out. The manufacturers keep improving these washers. This is a cheaper system than hidden fasteners, however the screws are usually the first point of failure. It is easy to replace them though and I have replaced many fasteners in 30+ year old metal roofs. New metal roofs that I have installed within the past 10 years have not had any problems with the exposed screws.

Hidden fastener- a better looking (in my opinion) and better quality metal roof. Which obviously comes with a higher price. Metal panels are clipped down to the roof and no fasteners are exposed to the elements. It is often called a standing seam metal roof as well. It's a little more complicated system but I'm sure a quick Youtube search could give a basic understanding. This should be a relatively low maintenance roof for 100+ years. The manufacturer I use warranties just the paint coating for 40 years. 

I have installed many of both systems and with an install crew that knows what they're doing, you can't go wrong either way. 

Ice Shield is a type of water barrier that would be installed underneath the metal in some areas. Ice dams can sometimes push water back underneath the roofing material. Ice shield is made to protect your roof deck and inside of your home from ice dam problems. It certainly should be installed on new roofs in the New England area. Please let me know if this is helpful, or if you have anymore questions!

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for your input!  I did see the standing seem style and thats what I keep gravitating to. of course its more expensive. LOL.

What are some of the questions I would ask this type of roofing contractor? The ones Ive used over the years & the ones I have bids from for the asphalt dont install metal.

And about how long would it take for a typical install? And what would be the added costs?

Thanks again!

Haha why do nicer things usually have to be more expensive?! Standing seam certainly is one of the highest quality best looking roofs you can install. Metal roofing can be more of a niche market and not all asphalt shingle installers do metal roofs. I would say metal, especially standing seam, is a more intricate process with many more details. 

The added costs and length of project are dependent on so many factors so it is difficult to answer that. With my 4 person crew, a house your size may take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Things like dormers and cut up areas really add a lot of time, while big wide open roof areas can go pretty fast with metal. 

I would ask a metal roofing contractor to show you some pictures of their work. If you ask for referrals they will obviously give you only the customers that had the best experience. If you look at some pictures and say “oh I really like that roof! Do you mind if I contact that homeowner and ask them a few questions about the process?” you may be more likely to get an honest review of their work. 

Trust me, if the installers went above and beyond, the customers never have a problem with answering a phone call from another future customer.

Ah, yes good thinking to ask to see pictures then ask for the referral...

There are a few peaks & valleys that would take more time. So Ill get a least 3 bids and see where that goes.

I was going to ask the building supply company & lumber yards I use to give referrals. Figured maybe a good place to start.

Absolutely a good place to start! And yes, always a good idea to get multiple bids. And always remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best way to go! Especially in roofing, which I would consider one of the most important aspects of any home 


From what I read... most are pretty hardy and can take normal hail but, they can be damaged from heavy, large size hail. Ill try & find the link and include it. It also includes the myths about noise and rust etc.

@Mary D. are you flipping the home? You should look into how common metal roofs are. In my market you will get a lot of questions, because people are not familiar with metal roofs and have the typical  misconceptions you had mentioned: rain noise, rust etc

If it is a flip and your area does not expect a standing seem metal roof my vote is to keep it uniform with the market - you may pook some buyers and even the ones who get it will not pay you a dollar more.

Hey Marcus,

This is my primary resident Im remodeling to sell. Its almost 3K sqft, too big & my town is booming right now. Prices are high & sales are crazy fast. I just sold a long time investment (I worked on 7 days a week for 6 mos) on the market for 1 day, got above list price offer same day, closed in 3 weeks! I'll be posting details & pictures as soon as I make the time.

They are some what common in the area. Becoming more and a great choice as far as the snow & ice. I totally understand where your coming from. I have those same questions because I havent done a metal roof yet. I think doing my due diligence, research & weighing out return on my investment will decide for me where Ill go with it. Ill research it to death, researcher by nature. LOL.

I'll Keep this post going with what I find & do.

Thanks for your input! I appreciate it!