Rehab; Costs and Estimates?4

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I've recently took my first step into real estate investing and got pre approved for a home. Im trying to break through the fear of each step of Real Estate Investing but it seems im getting lost in paralysis analysis. Ive been looking into different ways to invest such as what type of home and the well being of the home. However, how would i know what needs to be rehabbed? Would a home inspector tell me everything from the internals of the home to the cosmetics to the externals? Or would that be a contractor?

How do i know what would drive the value of the home for some equity or how could i figure out the cost of each repair?

I guess my concern is, i could ask a contractor to see how much something would cost to repair, but what do i need repaired? Both to keep the house in good condition and drive the value of the home?

You answered some of questions here that I wrote you about. Are you wanting to buy and hold? or flip? Have you read either The Book On Flipping Houses or The Book On Rental Property Investing. These books answer a lot of these questions you have. But at some point, you just gotta do it. Assuming the numbers work out in your analysis. One idea I have learned to accept is that we will never know everything there is to know about real estate investing. We will screw it up and we will make mistakes (learning opportunities). The important thing is you recognize where you go wrong and avoid making the same mistake.