Getting rid of Timeshares

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My mom purchased a timeshare awhile back- no longer uses it. What’s the best way to get rid of these? Any anticipated fees that aren’t necessary? Any contacts for someone who does this would be appreciated.



im pretty sure your stuck with that for life. worst part about it is the monthly maintenance fees. pay them damn fees every month, no guarantee on availability ( they basically tell you when you can and cant stay). cant re rent it out either. more like a money pit then a investment. see people selling them for $1 on line (no joke) Ps. I almost got tricked into getting a time share. good thing I did my due diligence and canceled within the 5 day grace period..time share = money gone. God forbid your mom passes away and your name is on the time share you will be responsible. SPEAK TO A TIME SHARE ATTONRY. Yea its a thing


This area of the business (timeshare) has struggled to provide owners with a dignified exit, leaving so many openings to take advantage of owners from crooks and shysters. I took a loss in my Las Vegas timeshare. I pretty much paid to get rid of it so that I could tell myself a decade from now that at least I no longer have to pay the annual fees for something I don't use. Big lesson learned. 

Not sure if you solved this dilemma but there are two very good places to list timeshares. Don't expect to get much for them no matter where you try to sell them. is a great website. It costs $15.00 for a annual membership and some additional to list it. There is another:

This is a timeshare user group. Also involves nominal fees. For both of these website, there are many people using these website to rent their weeks as well as purchase weeks or points. 

Happy to share more if wanted/needed.