Found abandoned property in nice area. How to reach owner?

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Good morning BP family,

I have a question. I’m in Georgia and acknowledged an abandoned home that’s located in an up and coming area.

I drove by the home multiple times but it was hard to discover it because it has a large front yard filled with trees.

The homes next to the property range in price materially in price from 200K – over 500K.

What’s the best process to reach the owner? And what do you recommend I do?

Been awhile and there's probably easier ways now. Start with county tax records &

you will get a name to start with then I used to use a online background service it will

give you new location of owners and or names & address on next of kin.

@Kevin DeVargas In Charlotte where I live we have a gis system that shows the property owner and its open the public. Maybe search “(your county) gis” and see if you have one as well. Avoids a trip to the county office which is nice