Scranton PA Multi Family

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Hello BP -

Looking to expand my multi family rental portfolio. I’ve been very interested in Scranton Pa. does have have a very good RE agent and or management company they work with or know? Please help!

Give Kate Daye a call from ERA or Call @Marc Winter at Landmark Property Management. They will get you started with properties. But if you are looking at buying several buildings at once, shoot me a message. I have 20 multi-family buildings offered for private sale. We could break them up into a few packages, but I would still consider them larger packages.

Good Luck!

Jr, I saw you have some interest in NE PA and even in central PA at one point. I'm from south central PA in the Harrisburg area. Are you interested in bird dogs if I could find you something that would benefit you? I lack the capital currently to purchase my own small multifamily property (my main area of interest), but I'd love to be able to bird dog.