Successful investment strategies

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Im curious to know what investment strategies have worked out best for you!

What investment strategies have you had the most successful with?

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Buy and hold. That's it. It's not sexy or complicated. Why? Even if you over pay for the property, at some point in the future it pays you more than it costs. Buying it below market, making necessary repairs, and proper management are the keys. It's not about ARV, comparable sales, interest rates, or who is in the white house. It pays you every month.

@Chyniece Cox

BRRRR is the method I use. I agree with @Anthony Dooley ,  rental property is a very methodical process.  It’s not the sexy stuff you see on HGTV with all the flipping shows.  It out paces the flippers return, it just takes time and patience.  Most of my BRRRR projects have infinite returns since I don’t have any money remaining in the deal.  The rehab forces the equity and the refinance returns all of the money put in.