what is the best way to find local private lenders ?

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I am 19 years old with no money, little experience, and a need for success. I have a few leads that are extremely promising but now I need funds to make them happen! really just a couple of down payments or gap funding. I am in cape coral fl if that matters at all! If anyone can help me that would be amazing, thank you!

@Mason Boyce

Attend local REIA meetings and meetups. You need to network. If you don't have any experience you probably need to partner with an experienced investor on your 1st and/or second investment to gain experience.

Hey Mason! I third what was said above... networking with other investors as well as telling people what your up to/looking to do. I found my private lender at church :) 

Make someone else some money. After that, they will want to lend you some or partner with you. Or find the deal, bring it to someone else who you met from networking at the REIAs and let them do the deal, but ask them for something on the back end.

After you have done some deals, it gets easier.