Why are the photos missing from some sold properties

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Hi all,

any ideas why Realtor and Zillow sometimes have no photo's of properties just sold? It makes it hard to compare when trying to gauge an ARV.

Is this them just cleaning up their database / housekeeping etc?



@Dave H. - here are the reasons I can think of:

1. The property sold off market; since Zillow/RDC pulled the data from public sources they won't have photos
2. The property was deeded intra-family and wasn't advertised online w/ photos
3. The listing agent or seller removed the photos prior to closing the home on Zillow/RDC for privacy reasons
4. Zillow shows the property was sold - even if it wasn't (this happens more often that you'd think)

I would ignore off market sales as your ARV since they won't properly reflect market value. Stick with properties that were properly marketed on the MLS.

Thanks Kase, is there a way to tell if a property was sold through the MLS or Off Market on Realtor.com or Zillow?

What about the other reasons you mention, is there a way to tell?

When I buy, I usually remove the photos myself. In my experience with Zillow though, I don't believe they are personally responsible for this as sometimes they have photos on there for years after the property has sold.