Investing in Temecula

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I am currently living(renting) in SD, but I'm looking to buy in French Valley area in Winchester. Anybody have experience with trying to get tenants into properties here? I will only actually live in the property for about a year and a half then looking to rent it out for a few years. I hear it's a great area to invest but, is it hard to actually get tenants? 

Hey Isaiah, 

I'm your neighbor in the OC area and I've been working in & out of San Diego for close to 2 years.

Although I can't help you directly without knowing more information, I can tell you that Winchester rentals within the past 6 months have the following timeframe statistics:

51.6% were rented out within 30 days,

77.4% were rented out in 45 days,

83.8% were rented out in 60 days,

100% were rented out within 120 days

DM me if I can help answer anything further for you,

And good luck!

hi! I live in Winchester! great area! it all depends on how much you renting for - rents here usually equal same amount as a mortgage.. a lot of retirees here, I think rentals are better in the actual Temecula area rather than Winchester .. good luck!

People moving out to French Valley go there for lower prices, so as long as you keep the rental rate down, you should be able to secure tenants in a timely fashion. French Valley is harder because traffic on Winchester is rough, so time to and from the freeway narrows your tenant pool.
I have clients with many rental properties in Temecula. My experience, rentals move pretty fast in GOHS territory, so prices are pretty good. We don't get as much for rent in the areas north of Rancho California, and they take longer to find tenants. Unfortunately, statistically, the lower the rent, the more issues we've had with tenants. And that holds true no matter which area of Temecula we're in.

So would you guys say it’s a better investment to buy out in that area(Temecula/murrieta/Winchester) or should I buy In SD? At my price range it’s super hard to find pretty much anything in SD which is the only reason I’ve really been considering going up there instead. 

San Diego is probably always going to be a safe bet, as long as you stay in rent-friendly areas. But if you want to get more home for the dollar, Temecula/Murrieta are great options for family rentals based on the schools and parks.
My experiences are from buyers and renters up here are based on the prices being so much more affordable. Typical example: I have a client who recently sold his condo in San Diego for just under $680K. It is approx. 1500 SF 3 BR/2BA. In Temecula he bought a SFR for just under $550K. It is approx. 3000 SF 5 BR/3BA. For $130K less, he traded his FREEWAY back yard for his new GOLF COURSE back yard. We have plenty of commuters that live here. I always recommend folks that work in San Diego County, to stay either south Temecula, but if you want to buy more for your money, you can buy further north, but try to stay as close to the freeway as possible to avoid the extra traffic time. No matter what you choose... be sure to check the everything, not just the prices. The tax rates and HOA fees vary everywhere.

Thank you! I definitely love the homes in most Temecula areas be it the main city, Murrieta, or Winchester. I guess my main thing is, I'm only going to be here for about a year and a half before I get stationed elsewhere, and although I would love the more house for my money, would it be a good investment to do or would it be a better investment to just stay in the San Diego area and have to give up some of the home luxuries and size I would have over in Temecula area? I don't mind commuting, it's only going to be temporary, but I'm just looking for where the safest investment would be(for under about 480k no HOA/430-440 with HOA).

Just FYI, some of the HOA's in Temecula are only $35/mo (no amenities), $50/mo. (with amenities), and $98/mo (with amenities). But you can get minimum $100/month more for a house with the HOA amenities. Again, since you are commuting to San Diego, I DO NOT recommend Winchester. We have tons of families that commute to all the San Diego bases in both Temecula and Murrieta, especially in south Temecula. And yes, you can find homes still in your price range.

I lived in French valley for a bit but bought in a newer community closer to Lake Skinner. I’m still in Winchester and commute to San Diego 3 times a week for work. I agree that it’s. Little rough getting to the freeway and down to San Diego living this far north but I personally don’t mind the commute. The one thing that is nice is they’ve opened up Clinton Keith road which has sped up times in my opinion. I don’t own any rentals in the area but there is a lot of new commercial areas being built up in Winchester and around French valley.