Investing in Jackson metro area

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Hello All,

I recently started looking for properties in Jackson metro area. Specifically in Madison and Brandon. One of the offers I put in just got accepted. I live in a different state and I am new to real estate investing. Could the experienced folks here please share their thoughts on the area and if they have any suggestions that I should keep in mind during this phase?

Thanks for your time.

from my perspective..  Madison is one of the top address's in all of MS.

be careful though there is NO Multi family in the city of Madison they dont allow it.

and many of the SFR subdivisions have CCRs that do not allow ANY rentals at all.

So just make sure you check the CCR's carefully before you buy something you cant rent.

Soil issues are the number one thing to look out for in Jackson as it relates to the homes.  that Yazoo clay can really do a number on a foundation.. you will note that as you drive around how bumpy the roads are.

Ridgeland is also good and there are nice pockets of Pearl.. i just sold one in Pearl to a hedgefund last fall. 
I have one more property in pearl a very nice 10 year old brick on I am putting on the market tenant has been there about 7 years now.. I bought 14 new constructions during the Katrina go zone tax benefit play and so this is the last one I have to sell. I had 6 in Madison and they were stellar you get the crem d la crem of renter in Madison.. its the best school district so you can really pick and choose tenants have been so good there i did not need management.. I just used a realtor for placement then collected the rent.. and had a good handy man.. of course like I said these homes I bought brand new so not much went wrong and easy to rent.

Now if you go into the older areas of Jackson or Hinds county you for sure want to be very picky on where you buy.