Is now a good time to start investing?

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@Tyler Brunette

Single family. 3 2 bath. 50 k-150k

Skip everything needing a lot of repairs. There are plenty of pretty good houses with distress sellers.

Also major hotel company stocks like Hilton which was up 18% today. I was in the hotel business for 40 years.

Watch Marriott they always bounce back big time.

Buy extremely low, plan on arv being less than what you see, look for max 65% fmv. One hard money lender and title company we know said don't use values previous to March 1 as comps. Syndications are good bet right now to get in on or create like we're doing

Be careful with being new to real estate, appraisals, inspections and most of our escrow was delayed due to Covid-19. Rumblings of most real estate services going virtual will only make things harder for us newbies. In the mean time Gold & Silver are always a good option. If you can find supply.

@Andrew Scott

Sorry I’m leaving the AirBNB game for Hospitals and Grocery stores. They seem to be the stable investment. Just kidding. But seriously, any commercial owner who comes to you looking for a fire sale, gimme a ring. Buffalove my friend!

100% everything that @Shiloh Lundahl said. IMO, I believe if you answer those questions and can say that you are able to invest during these time then go for it. However, I do think it's best to wait several more months since housing prices haven't changed drastically yet(at least in my area). And everyone knows that the only change that will happen, when it happens, is down. Which would be ideal for a prepared investor with the available funds/knowledge/resources to weather the market.