Thoughts on bed to bath ratio

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I came across a 5/2 duplex and it got me thinking.... one side has 3 bds for 1 bath. Does anybody else think this'd be a problem for most renters?

What are ratios that are typically going to be favorable to renters? Why? What kind of renter? I curious to hear your thoughts





Really depends on the market. If it's an area of young professionals, then 3/1 or 2/1 is fine. If the area has mostly families, then they will want at least a 3/2. Call and talk to local property management companies, they will tell you what mix is in the highest demand.

3/1 in a multi is not an issue. I'm sure most tenants would like to have 2 BA, but there is usually not enough space to add one without losing a bedroom in a two-family house. For smaller multi-units for rents you won't see a huge rent increase for an added bath when the square footage is the same.

@Jonathan Greene I understand what you're saying. But who might the renter be who would actually a 3/1,3/2,4/2,etc. For example, I wouldn't think a married couple w/ children would rent a 3/1 half duplex?

It doesn't really matter on ratio. The difference is what people will pay. 3/1 won't rent as much as a 3/2. Doesn't mean you avoid 3/1 because of that. Same with a 2/1 and 3/1 both would command different rent.