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No avatar medium Chauna Bustamante
El Paso, TX
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Chauna Bustamante

from El Paso, Texas

Feb 15 '13, 08:50 AM

We have been doing the YL for about 6 months now, and it has been very successful for us, the phones literally ring off the hook some days. My question is, I would like to get better quality leads. I have checked with US lead list and with black book, but can anybody tell me who else to check out?

Medium 1399315588 avatar jonk Jon Klaus
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Jon Klaus Verified Moderator Donor

Investor from Garland, Texas

Feb 15 '13, 11:53 AM

ListSource is referred to here on BP a fair amount.

That's great that your phones are ringing so much. How many pieces have you mailed and how many deals came from those mailings?

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Medium 1406058209 avatar jnashreal Jared DeValk
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Jared DeValk Verified

Involved In Real Estate from Nashville, Tennessee

Mar 05 '13, 08:51 AM
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Your leads may not be the issue, maybe you just need to do more. One thing that stopped me from doing more is handwriting the letters. I found a company online that will actually create a font for typing letters up that is your hand writing. That greatly increased my efficiency with writing the letters. I think they charged me $10 to convert my handwriting into a font, so it was well worth the investment. PM and I'll give you their site.

If you are looking for better lead sources, I normally use services such as Landvoice Pro or just go to the foreclosing attorneys' websites that foreclose properties in your area (those people really need you!).

Medium 1399659626 avatar retipster Seth Williams
Investor from Grand Rapids, MI
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Seth Williams

Investor from Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mar 06 '13, 06:04 PM

@Jared DeValk, which company did you use to put your hand writing into a font? I used to turn my hand writing into a font last year - but they definitely charged more than $10.

I've found it to be pretty helpful for a lot of marketing pieces (mostly, automating signatures and making the addressed envelopes look a little more authentic). Probably the best part about it has been that it produces variations in the letters (so it isn't a dead-giveaway that the letters AREN'T actually hand written).

Jared DeValk Verified

Involved In Real Estate from Nashville, Tennessee

Mar 06 '13, 07:58 PM

@Seth Williams, it's YourFont and here's there website:

Medium 1425499652 avatar skyball Jason N.
Investor from Denver, CO
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Jared DeValk Verified

Involved In Real Estate from Nashville, Tennessee

Mar 06 '13, 09:14 PM

Jason Nickel, when you go the website he instructs you to go to, it takes you to YourFont. It was free, but if you look on the video, he posted that in Jan 2011. You now pay for the service, $10, but you still pay. Here's the link to their site:

Medium 1399702141 avatar creatinghomes Michael Lohin
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Michael Lohin

Investor from Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

Sep 28 '13, 11:13 AM

@Jared DeValk and @Jason N.

What, if any, have you found the difference in calls from handwriting your letters and using your handwriting as printed font? I'm currently handwriting my letters but won't be able to as my list grows. This seems like the best possible replacement!


Edited Feb 13 2015, 17:08

Medium 1419448075 avatar acer702 Ace A.
Las Vegas, NV
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Ace A.

from Las Vegas, Nevada

Sep 28 '13, 12:34 PM

When you get your fonts ready, do you print it out on plain 8.5 x 11 printer white paper? or do you find that using something else works better?


Jared DeValk Verified

Involved In Real Estate from Nashville, Tennessee

Oct 04 '13, 07:06 PM
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I found that I received more calls with the printed font and it was definitely more efficient than actual writing. I never use printer paper, I use yellow essay paper that I would buy in packs of 500 on Amazon. When you first create your template for mail merge, you must painstakingly adjust the font size, line spacing and margins to make sure that the letters fall where they should on the lines on the paper. I ended up printing about 18 test pages, all the while making minor adjustments to get it just right. It's worth it to invest the 30 minutes upfront to save you hours in the long run.

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