Need help analyzing a subject to deal

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Need help analyzing a subject to deal that I am working on. House is in Marietta GA in a great school district. Walton High School. House is vacant an need some cosmetic repairs of roughly $15,000. Houses in area rent for around $2,000+ Estimated Mortgage balance: $295,000 PITI: $1,600.

Will depend on your out of pocket costs. 

Are you just taking over the mortgage or do you have some excess cash you're giving them? 

CC will be about $3k. 

what's the value of the house? 

For the most part, if the 15k is covering capex, you could skate by on minimal cashflow...for the most part, it's a pretty thin deal for renting.

Hence, asking about value of house. may be better to just put in the 15k and dump it.

That's pretty a lean deal for my taste. You'll break even at best, but we need to know the ARV of the house. Maybe fix and flip if the value is there.