First Home or First Investment Property?!

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Im new to bigger pockets and I am loving what I am seeing and learning so far! I have a question and would love to hear y'all opinion! So I am finally in the position to purchase my first home. I have good credit, making enough at my 9-5 finally saved enough for the down payment etc. My dream is to get started in investing in real estate and being able to leave my Job that i hate. For all y'all investors, agents, homeowners, etc what would your recommendation be, should i purchase my 1st home or should I purchase my first investment property instead. And if the answer/opinion is an investment property should it be a flip or rental?


Sounds like an ideal time to buy a place that you could live in,perhaps whiles improving it. After you have been there long enough to satisfy the tax code and build some equity, and buy your next one and rent that one out. That way you would gain experience and benefit from today's low interest rates(cheap money). This would put you on the path...just my thoughts