Smaller banks and credit unions investor friendly in Lexington

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Does anyone have any recommendations for local smaller banks and credit unions that are investor friendly in Lexington, KY

I have a good relationship currently but  would like to network more.

Can PM me and Id be glad to give you my contact as well

Let me know if you have anything on/off market within 45 miles of Lexington, KY


Hi @Matt Bailey - what types of properties are you purchasing? Residential (less than 5 units) or commercial (greater than 5 units and true commercial)? Assuming you want the notes held in a LLC? Feel free to shoot me a PM and I should be able to provide some names in both scenarios.

@Matt Bailey I like Berry Pop at Cumberland Valley National Bank, Brandon Eason at Kentucky Bank, Amy Sherrow at People's Exchange, and Brad Smithers at Citizens Commerce. I have loans with all of them currently and have been very pleased with their terms and communication.