Hi all,

I just bought a duplex in Northern Ca and did a major renovation.  The duplex has 1 2Beds/1Bath unit and 1 3Beds/1Bath unit.  The 2Beds/1Bath rented out very quickly.  However, the 3Beds/1 Bath unit hasn't been rented out yet (it has been 2 months), and the major complain is that it only has one bathroom.  The 3Bed/1Bath also has a huge yard but not very well maintained currently.

I have actually reduced the rent recently for the 3Beds unit and have seen a great uptake on showings; however, no qualified applicant yet.  I am actually thinking of updating the yard to increase the attractiveness.  While updating the yard, I am thinking of pulling down the listing and relist it when the yard is done.

I am just curious does anyone have any thought to increase the rentability of the 3Beds unit without requiring to build another bathroom for I know building an extra bathroom is costly although the unit does have the space to extend out.

Any thought is greatly appreciated!!