Off market deal no realtors involved

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I have negotiated an off market deal with the owner. We have price confirmed and we have agreed not to use realtors to save on owners end.

This property is in CT, can anyone suggest how to properly close this deal. I am planning on discussing with my attorney on Monday.

Thanks for the responses.

Your question is very vague? What exactly do you need guidance on? Closing is a long process. If it's the entire process your attorney should be able to guide you to the finish line. Is their financing involved? Lender should also be able to help.

@Josh Miller Your attorney or their paralegal if they have one should be able to guide you through the process.

Keep in mind your attorneys fees and the sellers attorney fees will  likely be higher since you are not using agents because the lawyer will be asked to do more to get the deal to the closing table. Did you already write the deal up on a contract or not at that point yet? 

@Josh Miller , like Michael mentioned, your attorney and their paralegal should be able to handle it from here. I'm sure they have a standard real estate contract that they can offer you. I recommend chatting with @Edward Schenkel - he's an attorney that has done a few real estate closings for us. I highly recommend him. 

@Josh Miller

I bought two off-market deals last year. Both no realtors, both deals all I did was draw up sales contracts, both buyer and seller signed, and pass them off to my title/closing company. One was cash, one financed. Between myself and closing company we both kept in contact with my loan guy. Both piece of cake, closed in 3ish weeks. No attorneys, no realtors, no issues. *both were as-is, no inspections