Wholesale deal in 30 minutes

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I got a deal under contract and called a buyer and he went out there! He signed a contract same day. Wholesaled this deal same day. On 10th wholesale deal for the year. I picked up my first flip and have a duplex cash flowing 500 a month. I’m loving all this advice on here

@Justin Lee Taylor hello Justin - I have another post where I am talking about the effectiveness of direct mailers. I am curious what your approach is in the mailers. Maybe even what you are saying. Some argue content matters some say it’s being at the right place at the right time. Since you are seeing success I would love your thoughts.

@Ray Danishyar content matters as long as it is simple. Don’t want to over load them with too much wording. Majority of people only skim through it. Get straight to the point. Content can matter. Like are you mailing a home owner or an investor. An investor wouldn’t want to sell for the same reason a home owner. So when you put content might mention something about their pain. Like an investor you could say hey I want to make an offer on your property and if the offer is right then no more dealing with the hassle of being a landlord