How to Analyze Markets

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I am aware of some of the criteria that you look for when evaluating a market, but I do not have a full list.

I was wondering what I should research when looking into a market to determine if the market will appreciate linearly, what the quality of the tenants will be like, if tenants will be easy to find/keep/replace, and all of the other criteria to consider when looking for a stable rental investment.

I know that I should be looking into job growth, population growth, nearby schools, crime rates, and things along these lines. However, I do not know what I am looking for in these categories. I do not know what percent of growth constitutes strong job growth or population growth, I do not know how highly rated a school should be for an ideal market, etc.

I would appreciate if you could let me know the entire list of what you consider when looking into a market. I would also appreciate any recommendations for books, websites, videos, or podcasts on the subject.

Thanks in advance. 

Originally posted by @Neil Henderson :

I could spend time writing this all down for you but I think Neal Bawa's process is my favorite.

Thank you Neil! That was exactly what I was looking for. However, in Neal Bawa's presentation he said that he was going to explain how to calculate the population growth, median household income growth, and median house value growth over different intervals of time as the years moved on, but I do not believe that he covered how to do this. What is the method that you use today, as I think the 2000 to 2017 time interval is becoming less relevant every year that passes?