What areas in Tampa Fl Should I Consider Investing In

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Hello @Himanish Gupta

I just moved from Miami to start investing here in the tampa area. There are a lot of good places to invest here. You should start looking and learning more about Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. 

Best of luck, anything I can help with let me know. 


Depends on what your goals are. Is it location for stronger appreciation or is it cash flow? Do you want to be in a opportunity zone or stay away from Opp Zones. Tampa is growing very fast so sometimes the area might not be that appealing but has a very strong cash flow and will have strong appreciation due to all the revitalization happening.   

@Himanish Gupta

Hi there! Best answer to your question, is going to depend on your strategy and goals. Wholesaling, flipping, long term rentals, short term rentals... lots of options. I’m a local investor, realtor, and represent a national title agency. Send me a message and let’s get together to discuss your goals.

what everyone said above. do a search on BP for "Tampa" you will find a ton of info on the local area that is pretty recent. that should help focus your efforts some.