Good morning. I have the basic idea of the wholesaling process. I just have a question about selling to a va mortgage buyer. I'm looking at a rental property and have been fully approved for the loan and don't have anything to worry about there. The issue I'm having is i'm looking at what's going to be a multiple offer property and I know my VA offer will be to the bottom of the list. I have the potential for a parent to pay full cash on the offer but how does that process work shifting it over to me with a va loan? I've been told to cash out refi after 210 days, I've been told quitclaim the deed over. Both seem like logical solutions I just don't want to put my parent in a bad situation with the irs when I have to repay them from my VA mortgage. The transfer of the loan would be the sale price and they wouldn't make any money on it just a 1-1 transfer of the property over to me. The property is about $400k so the transfer to repay my parent is defiantly going to be visible on income levels.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!