County Tax sale help please

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Has anyone had good luck with the tax sales? I'm registered for the next tax sale in my county. Any pros or cons? would you do it again? Are there any websites to check for a lien on the property? If not, what's a typical fee for someone to run that check for you? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

As always. Depends on the area.  I'd suggest talking with an attorney to make sure you know for sure whether the tax lien is senior to any other liens.  I believe they are...and they can wipe out junior liens.   All except for IRS liens which I think are super over everything.  In NC...the attorney will do a title search for around $150-$250.  I've also called , I believe the state tax office and they were able to tell  me if there were any income /irs liens (maybe it was county).

There are websites that will do the search for you...Not sure if you can pin them down for title insurance in the event they got something "wrong"!!