Private money loan to cover down payment

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I'm wondering if anyone could offer advice on how to get a private lender to cover the down payment/ closing costs of a hard money loan. If I brought a great deal to the table and had a hard money loan lined up, how would I convince a private lender to cover the down payment etc for a percentage of profit ? Would hard money lenders Be willing to work with a private lender for the down payment? Will both of the lenders want their name on the deed ?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am currently trying to structure a deal like this!

Probably going to hit a road block on that scenario. The hard money lender is going to be in 1st lien position so the private lender has to take 2nd lien position which is high risk. When you take out a 1st and 2nd usually your trying to cover an 80%LTV/20%CLTV position and you will typically only find those with Federal or County DPA programs unless you go with a conforming loan and apply for a stand alone second. Why are you going hard money and private to begin with credit, income, SE?

@Riley Hinshaw

Since you mention percent of profit the investor would be part of the equity and not debt so it is possible just realize you would be giving up a greater percentage to that person. They would also look to get a preferred return on the deal.

Not impossible but can be done

It can probably only get done if your deal is really a “great deal”. 
A great deal would be if the property appraises for much more than you’re buying it for.

For example, you’re buying a house for $65k and it appraises for $100k. The hard money lender would lend you 65% of the appraised value = $65k, which just happens to be your full purchase price, so you got 100% financing.

Another way is if the shack is a fixer, you could look for a lender that will lend based on ARV (after repair value, how much the house is worth after you fix it).

Another option would be to look for a partner who has liquid cash 💰 $$$ money funds in the bank 🏦 for the down payment, or maybe even enough to fund the whole deal. Or just great credit to get a low interest confirming bank loan instead of expensive hard money.