Negotiating Lender Balance 1st and 2nd Lien

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Hello, my company is purchasing a property for $160k and the seller owes $142k on the 1st and $80k on the 2nd. The property will be going to auction as soon as they can resume. 

We want to see if there's any angle we have to negotiate the debt down on the first. This wouldn't be a short sale to the first since we are technically paying more than he owes on the first.

I understand I can negotiate with the 2nd, but it's a private party and he is more uncooperative. I know if/when the auction happens his lien will be wiped so he may talk later.

For now, we are seeing what the first lien holder will do. Does anyone have tips/experience/pointers on how I can navigate this?


Depends what the 1st thinks the home is worth. Sounds like potentially after closing costs an offer at 160k almost shorts the 1st. You may want to submit a lower offer and see if the 1st allows a short sale so you can potentially contribute money to the 2nd since it sounds like they may want more than what is being offered to them at an offer of 160k?
Structuring the deal depends on time frames and everyone goals. If the home is in foreclosure with a sale date that will pop back up after the moratorium is lifted it may be risky to attempt a short on the 1st.