Where are the best places to buy rentals around Atlanta, GA?

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Originally posted by @Matthew Bridges :

Hi, I've been living in the greater Atlanta area for about 3 years and I'm interested in buying long term rentals. Where are good areas to start looking?

 What's your investment Budget and investment criteria> These all affect the area you can invest in. 

Hi Jingru, ideally I am looking for rentals within $150,000 - $200,000 single family homes. Preferably with some distress, but I'm not looking for something that will require any major renovations. 

@Matthew Bridges I think you will have some options in paulding county or west cobb. I’m familiar with these area. There might be some more areas in Hall county as well. Let me know

@Matthew Bridges Great to seeing you looking in other areas for property. Jingru Sui is correct. Hall County/Gainesville is a good area to own rental property. Like most areas, there is an increasing demand and investors need to search for deals that will be profitable for the long-term. Hall County has a strong manufacturing base which provides the area with consistent renters and home buyers. I have clients that are now looking into White, Lumpkin, Jackson and Banks counties due to manufacturing pushing into those areas and the fact that real estate is less expensive. Feel free to connect with me if you would like more info on those areas. Ga Real Estate license 344211.