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I am considering buying an upgraded membership for the sole purpose of posting a particular property For sale. In the event I make a post in marketplace is there a way of editing it and/or  taking down the post in the future? My concern was it was like many other post on Bigger Pockets that are forever out there and you cannot change them or edit them in anyway After the post has been created.
Also what level of membership would I have to purchase has in order to post in marketplace?

@Joe S. Hi Joe, with the Plus membership ($19 / month) you can place up to 3 posts in Marketplace a month. With Pro membership ($39 /month) you can do 2 a day.

Here's more about BP Memberships:

Not sure if you can delete posts though.

Thanks for the helpful information! I’m still trying to figure out though if a person can delete or edit a marketplace post.
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@Mindy Jensen  Do you know the answer to the question above?

I'm sorry I missed this question earlier. Yes, you can edit and delete Marketplace posts.