RV park on Agriculture land

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I'm looking at buying 14 acres in north Florida with a double wide home on the back of the property and was trying to find out if I could put 10 RV rental spots on my 14 acres where I live.  I contacted the county and they told me it was Future Land Use designation of Agriculture but didn't tell me yes or no.

Is this a simple question that the county should be able to answer or do I need to hire someone to look into it for me (real estate attorney)?

Ray the quick answer is to go into your county's zoning website and look at the allowable uses for your zoning classification...many times it will be listed if it is an allowable use. If that doesn't work, contact a local civil engineering firm, tell them what you want to do and have them do a quick feasibility study for you. You will need their services if you can move forward, so most will do this initial query for free for you. I can tell you in my area RV parks require a special exception and you have to go before the board of commissioners, etc etc. However, I have heard that north Florida can be a bit more lenient. Good luck and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

@Ray Howard

I am a Civil Engineer and I look into things like this all the time. The best way to figure things like this out is typically to have an open conversation with the local jurisdiction for clarity. If it is zoned agriculture, you will need to get it rezoned in order to build an RV park. If you can or cannot get it rezoned is based on the local jurisdiction. I would recommend meeting again with city/county officials for clarity. Additionally, you will need to find the local codes and see what it says regarding resining an agricultural property.

Good Luck!