Get rid of pesky pet odors!

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Happy Friday BP Family!

Do your sellers have stubborn pet odors/ stains that won't come out? Here are a couple options to rid the home of pet stains and odors, because we all know sometimes even odors can cause a buyer to walk away from the home?

A little DIY ingenuity always works. You can have the seller clean everything with with something like pine- sol. This one cleans, disinfects, and leaves everything smelling so fresh and so clean. There are other specialized cleaners for pet stains and odors as well. 

If the DIY ingenuity doesn't get the job done, you can use an ozone machine. It takes about 6 hours to run a cycle, then be sure to open the window to let the ozone out. An ozone machine will oxidize the air by taking in the bad air and adding oxygen molecules to it, creating a more pleasant smelling environment. 

If the ozone machine doesn't do the trick, it may be time to call in the professionals. They will be sure to clean the house from top to bottom including air ducts, and vents. This could get more expensive than a seller is ready for, but assure them that it's the best move to make to ensure their home is sold. 

Do you guys know of any other tips, tricks, or ideas to rid a home of pet odors and stains?

I’ve always used an ozone machine.  Very powerful, can be a bit dangerous.  No pets or humans in there for about 6 hours afterward.